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Extreme Automation Pvt. Ltd. is precisely Engineered Solutions in the field of Cable Trays, Industrial Process Instrumentation, Process Automation, Data Logging and Electrical Controls.

Our Level of Expertise and Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction can be Gauged from a Singular Fact – Our Rate of Growth his Foundation, We have consistently achieved 400% Growth, Year on Year!

This Phenomenally Accelerated Growth is a result of “Team Extreme”. Our Dedicated and Motivated Team of Engineers and Technicians, Who Design, Seliver and Support Solutions that work Exactly as Envisioned by you.

Our Core Focus is on Instrumentation Products Related to Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Motion Control, Sensing Technology and Electrical Control.

In Providing Breakthrough Solutions in these areas, our skills are Perfectly Complimented by the Products We Source from our World Renowned Principals like Siemens, Germany. Fuji, Japan. Baumer, Switzerland. Grant Instruments, UK. Data Translation, USA., to name a few.

Extreme, under the Chairmanship of MR. Vinod j. Patel, is a Company that has come to be Associated with the 'Ex' factor of Industrial Automation i.e. 'Ex'cellent, 'Ex'pert, 'Ex'perience, 'Ex'clusive, 'Ex'stock - all this and more.

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